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Your very own website

Captivate your potential customers with your very own website with all your listings. You can have your own domain name while having your listings with

Don't spend thousands of dollars creating websites when it is readily available with customization.


Transform listings to websites

Each listing can be made into a website with its own domain name. This is perfect for New Launches where agents can transform their listings into a website to promote during property launches.

Just buy a domain name and attach it with the individual listing to convert it into a standalone website. **Admin charges apply.


Branding, Marketing, Web Design

Do you want to brand yourself as a professional property agent or agency? That depends on the image that you are trying to project. If you want to attract larger clients, branding is pretty much a necessity. The business model of your entrepreneurship determines your level of branding. If you want to take things to the next level, this is a good starting point.


Content Management System

Start making your website easier to manage. A Content Management System (CMS) gives you the control to update your website in an instant, eliminating the time consumed waiting for website changes to be made by IT staff or agencies.


Header Section

The Header section of each of the listings page can be individually customized according to the listings theme. Text and images can be dragged and dropped within the header section. Text size and image size can be resized to have a pleasant look and feel.


Text and Images management

Text and images are managed easily in the editor tool. The editor allows users to copy and paste property listing details and images. The text in the editor can be operated the same way it is operated in most text editors. Images can be uploaded to the server for faster browsing. Like any other text editors, images can be resized and location specified for text to wrap around the images.



Users will have the options to search for nearby amenities and other useful places of interest with the easy to use amenities/location selector. Maps are included to pin-point the exact location of the properties and amenities.


Slider Section

Create a responsive slider with must-see-details of the listings. It features transition effects, text embedding and autoplay when the page is brought-up. Multiple images can be uploaded to appear on the slider section.


Featured Listings

A compilation of the latest featured listings which comprises of the finest homes and commercial properties can be listed in your home page.


Search Control

A comprehensive search section allows users to search listings by listing type (for sale, for rent, room-rental), property type (Condo, Apartment, HDB, Landed, Commercial, Overseas), tenure, region, district, floor-area, land-area, price, price-PSF, and listing date.

Sites Description

Buy ONE Site and Get Properties Listed in Up to 3* websites / portals.

Agent Listings Site / *Agency Listings Site /

A new way to list your clients' properties and at a competitive price!

We believe we offer the best, value-for-money, property listings system.

By signing up to any of our package, the benefits are:

  1. You will get your own agent website where you can list your property new launches, properties for sale and properties for rent in Singapore or overseas.

  2. If your agency head or division head or team head purchase the Agency Portal, your listings will appear in your website, your agency website and There are minimum requirements to this setup. Please see below for more information.

  3. All your listings will be up-streamed to

Please CLICK HERE for a sample agent website.

Home Page

Property Listing Hub aims to provide the following, to say the least:

  1. will display all property listings of agents who signed up with us.

  2. to be one of the leading property portals in Singapore.

  3. drive visitors' traffic to your listings on as well as your own agent website and your agency site if you are part of the agency /division /team website.

Key Features

Agent website

Easy to input / edit property information (text / images). Go to Help page to discover how easy it is to input / edit information.

Check for multiple Domain Name Availability before you register your domain name. A tool that will provide the best domain name availability for your site to register before someone else does.

Choose your own unique domain name for your agent website. Normal domain registration charges apply ‒ payable to external independent party.

Customise your agent website’s header section and page background to make your website stand out from other property websites.

Allow you to insert images into an image slider on your Home page to help your agent website better capture attention of visitors.

Search and / or Advanced Search function allows visitors to easily do a more targeted search - particularly useful if you have a large number of property listings

Allow you to select up to 3 listings and have them featured / highlighted on your Home page.

Individual listings / sites

Customize header section and page background of individual listing / site to reflect the listing theme/color, or you can leave it as it is - by default, it takes the same header section and page background as the Home page of your agent website.

Individual listing / site have the following sub-pages:

  1. Details Page

  2. Overview Page

  3. Location Page

  4. Amenities Page

  5. Site Plans and Floor Plans Page

  6. Gallery Page

  7. Contact Us Page

The various sub-pages like Overview, Plans and Gallery pages allow great flexibility with the page layout and the text and images you choose to display in your property listings.

This flexibility is particularly helpful, especially for new launch property listings as you may need and want to present more information than a typical resale / rental property listings and is limited by available space provided by other portals.

  1. Details page - Displays key details of property at a glance.

  2. Location page allows visitors to easily see your property listing's location in an interactive Google Map and Google Street View as well as locations of nearby amenities.

  3. Amenities page allows visitors to easily see nearby transportation nodes, childcare centres, schools and shopping centres.

  4. Contact Us page for visitors, potential buyers and tenants to contact you via email.

Agency Portal

The Agency Portal will have a consolidation of a minimum of 20 or more agents listings in one site. Essentially, agents under your Agency / Division / Team will be able to load their listings into their respective websites which will then be automatically made available in their designated agency portal. A minimum purchase for 20 agent sites is required for the Agency Portal to effectively function as a portal. For more information, please use Contact Form on our Contact Us page to email us with your intention or for more details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Sample copy of the Agency Portal home page.

Home Page

*Note: An agent must be part of the Agency Portal to be listed in the agency website.